The NIWA/University of Otago Research Centre for Oceanography was established in July 1996 by a memorandum of Understanding signed between NIWA and the University of Otago. The Centre was awarded the Prime Minister’s Science Prize in 2011.

The objectives of the Centre are:

  • to optimise research interactions and collaboration between Research Centre scientists;
  • to promote and enhance excellence in the area of chemical and physical oceanography;
  • to position the collective researchers for high profile involvement in the National Science Challenges, especially The Deep South and The Sustainable Seas challenges
  • to attract the best graduate students, both nationally and internationally;
  • to train students at the post-graduate level by sharing and using joint expertise;
  • to attract funding to support training and research.

The Centre is based in the Chemistry Department, University of Otago, and is administered by a Director and Deputy Director (from the University and NIWA respectively) and an academic board consisting of Rob Murdoch, Keith Hunter, Sylvia Sander and Cliff Law.

Director: Associate Professor Sylvia Sander - Department of Chemistry, University of Otago.
Deputy Director : Dr Cliff Law - NIWA, Greta Point, Wellington.