Current Research Programmes

The Research Centre explores a range of research areas around the central broad theme of physical and chemical oceanography. Interdisciplinary research groups explore paleoclimate, the impacts of ocean acidification, how iron affects the biogeochemistry of the oceans and how trace elements released from deep ocean hydrothermal vents impact on productivity.

Study opportunities

The NIWA/University of Otago Research Centre for Oceanography offers opportunities for students interested in all aspects of aquatic and environmental marine study. Options include:

  • PhD (research only),
  • MSc in Marine and Freshwater Chemistry (research and course work), Marine Science, Geology or Environmental Science
  • BSc or BSc (Honours) degrees with appropriate marine and freshwater chemistry elective courses.

All overseas PhD students pay only the domestic course fees; provision is also made for free schooling and medical care for dependents.

In many cases, you may be able to arrange credit towards your degree at your own university for courses taken at the University of Otago.
Click here to contact the University's International Office for further information.

PhD Study

The Centre has established a strong reputation for the successful supervision of PhD students, many of whom have gone on to positions with international research groups in marine and freshwater chemistry. This success, combined with the unique experience of working in the New Zealand environment, makes it an attractive opportunity for prospective students. Overseas students should note that the PhD degree in New Zealand does not usually contain formal course work.